What is Corrective & Performance Bodywork?

Corrective bodywork is a modality where we find the tight areas of connective tissue and work to restore them to their optimum state. We wait for the tissue to relax and then increases the stretch. We do this until the area is fully relaxed and then move on to the next area. Feedback from the patient’s body tells us how much force to use, the direction of the stretch and how long to stretch the area.

What is fascia?

Fascia is the connective tissue that creates a framework for your muscles and protects the entire body.

What makes BodyBraille so effective?

We've perfected the process, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to what ails your body. We observe your body in motion, in a seated position and in its most relaxed position, as well as paying attention to your breathing and your range of motion. The therapist then finds sore spots and tight tissue just by feel, similar to reading braille. Patients can have a tough time pinpointing sore spots, but we can find them easily. The size and sensitivity of these myofascial trigger points will decrease with continued treatment.

What makes Corrective & Performance Bodywork better than massage?

The effects of massage therapy are temporary, while it’s widely believed that myofascial release can eliminate chronic conditions. Patients with pain or loss of motion from injuries, surgery, bad posture or trauma have found continued myofascial treatment to be very beneficial.

Is this procedure painful?

Overall, this procedure is fairly gentle. We're pleased to say that we know how to rid your body of pain and limitations in a way that is effective and enjoyable. Working certain trigger points can cause temporary discomfort, but works to make your body feel better overall. Any discomfort decreases with continued treatment.

How many sessions does it take?

This truly varies by individual. The condition of your connective tissue, how active you are and your willingness to adhere to the BodyBraille process will greatly affect how quickly you achieve your results.