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Julie Shalen Metz

I am a Physical Therapist and had been experiencing chronic neck and back pain for years; had been to every health care provider imaginable and was still suffering terribly. After my first visit with Erik I was 75% improved and after the 3rd visit I was 90% pain free. I go back for tweaking as needed. I learn something new at every visit as Erik has a wealth of knowledge. He is a wonderful practitioner with a great spirit! I could not recommend him more highly!

Daniel Heuer

This experience really goes well beyond a massage. I wouldn't even call it a massage. This is truly healing your body. Regular massages don't have long termed benefits. This does. Wow. Unbelievable.

Naomi Simons

I can't say enough about Erik and his genuine desire to facilitate healing. I received a trigger point massage which was amazing!! I had been going on 3 hours of sleep 4 days in a stress level was through the roof due to personal and professional issues, and Erik was able to completely assist me in de-escalating my negative state. I walked out of his office feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and more aligned with life and feeling good again. I've slept better the last two nights since I was treated by Erik and feel much more relaxed and in tune with my body and mind. Tremendous thanks and appreciation, Erik!!


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Corrective and performance bodywork meets patent pending, muscle stimulating technology. About 4x as effective as massage and exercise combined, BodyBraille is the future of athletic enhancement, posture correction, deep relaxation, injury prevention and pain relief.

Note: We offer first time clients a free 30-minute consultation and demonstrative BodyBraille massage.


What Is BodyBraille?

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Corrective & Performance Bodywork and Personal Training

Achieve physical optimization through corrective bodywork. We lengthen the muscle tissue, or fascia, and reduce the tug-of-war happening inside your body. This will greatly reduce your pain, improve your posture and athletic ability.

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Anchored Compression Stretching

Improve your posture and balance your muscles with anchored compression stretching. We use special techniques to stretch your tissues in the correct order to achieve maximum injury prevention and flexibility.

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The BodyBraille Difference

Experience the body and mind in perfect harmony. Our patent-pending, vibrating, infrared therapy table enhances cognitive function and aids in electromagnetic field detoxification. 

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Prehab, Rehab and Performance Enhancement

Once the body is qualified, learn proper self care and exercise techniques to further progress and minimize risk of future injuries.