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BodyBraille began with a vision to improve people's lives by helping clients become more aware of how their body and mind affect one another. As a personal trainer, Erik Grant Gatlin saw the limitations of his industry and knew there had to be a solution to reverse the imbalances from what the human body endures on a daily basis.

Mr. Gatlin began working with massage therapists and found that these traditional techniques lacked physical and visual assessments on posture, soft tissue health and muscle imbalances. With over 2 decades of combined experience as a personal trainer and licensed massage therapist, he developed a new kind of corrective bodywork method and started taking a closer look (or feel) at the connective tissues and the muscles within.

The BodyBraille methods, plus the Infrared Vibrating Therapy Table promotes increased whole body circulation to maximize one’s results and experience. The power of corrective bodywork and functional training is an alternative solution for pain, posture and performance needs.

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